Treasure Hunt (Screenshot)

Treasure Trove...

Platform: Game Boy Advance
Published by: (unpublished)
Developed by: Orbital Media (2000-2003)
Format: 8MB ROM + 256kb SRAM

Treasure Hunt was a prototype overhead adventure game for the Game Boy Advance. The concept itself was meant to be a blend of classical click-adventure mechanics with some new features and a Link’s Awakening style presentation. Suffice to say, we wanted the bar-none best looking game on the hardware.

Treasure Hunt was a sister-project to the studio’s main focus, Racing Gears Advance. As such, it didn’t have much programming support, and ended up being more of an artist test bed. Outside of some E3 showings it has rarely ever been seen.

Treasure Hunt (screenshot)

Balance Issues...

The Name
Treasure Hunt was never meant to be the actual name; it was just the one that happened to stick.  It was also trademarked, sparking an internal hunt to find a new name. The process was pretty drawn out, and basically in fatigue we settled on “Jukka’s Treasure”.

Here’s the only details I could find about this game on the web (it seems to have been either found on Orbital’s website or perhaps was part of an E3 2003 press release?) via the website DS-X2:

Magic and treasures… information is a must here. The first information of Jukka’s Treasure lies beneath.

The story begins as the most powerful magic in the land is stolen, a magic that has the power to turn wishes into reality. This power is kept in the magical twilight wand, which was in the safekeeping of the mysterious wizard, Jukka. But now the twilight wand is missing, and the race is on to find it!

Jukka’s Treasure transports the player into a beautifully complex and wacky world. A land of magic and intrigue: at every turn, there are hidden traps and passageways, ancient temples, secret villages and sleeping dragons. Jukka’s Treasure has 20 unique environments with 230 fully interactive screens and an assortment of cinematic sequences.


  • Gameplay relies on reasoning over dexterity. Fun and interactive Tutorial makes it good for all ages.
  • Interact with 80 unique characters.
  • 40 different tools for players to use, some tools, can be combined for new uses.
  • Adventure game with multiple plot paths stretching over 40 different quests and 7 different endings.
  • Over 230 richly detailed screens – there is something to do on every screen!
  • Vibrant color graphics, full color sprites, all rendered at 60fps.

After years without consistent programming support, a changing design and a changing budget, I moved on to start Pirate Battle. The art style was thrown out and the game design was redone from the ground up to become Juka and the Monophonic Menace. Very little of the game described above was used; apart from a few character similarities they are entirely different in visuals and gameplay.

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